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Sales Operation Manager

Job Description < strong>< p>

  • Being part of TaherTree< strong>©< strong> as a “< strong>Sales Operation Manager< strong>”< strong> < li>
  • Your job description includes the main objective. Which is to work on Maximizing the performance of all Sales Operations and handling all other related issues < strong>< li> < ul>

    This requires the following roles and other tasks could be required later on < p>

    Responsibilities toward Sales team activities < strong>< p>

    • Handling Hiring cycle issues for sales team.< li>
    • Working on building a highly qualified professional sales team.< li>
    • Handling and conducting an ongoing training session appraisals for new as well as current sales team members.< li>
    • Training coaching evaluating productivity for each sales person and sending reports to the commercial director on weekly basis.< li>
    • In charge of Setting targets KPIs for sales staff on daily weekly monthly bases.< li>
    • Managing and motivating the assigned sales team to ensure Maximum efficiency.< li>
    • Ensures best representation Display for our products Services at our locations sites.< li>
    • Maximize volume and revenue in a defined range of services products< li>
    • Commitment to achieve overall targets that are set to for sales team.< li> < ul>

      Responsibilities toward< strong> Sales operations Tasks < strong>< p>

      • Generating and maintaining various Reports databases Required by the Commercial Director< li>
      • Recording sales figures by Rep product site area etc for data analysis and forward planning.< li>
      • Analyzing Sales growth rates by site Area Rep.< li>
      • Coordinating with the Marketing Dept regarding the required designs for all promotion offline marketing POS materials that will be.< li>
      • Organizing incentive programs for key accounts site managers.< li>
      • Handling promotion activities and tools that are required for performing the team duties and coordinating with other involved persons internally externally.< li>
      • Responding Key Accounts Distributors 039 services’ providers complaints and comments in time.< li>
      • Updating colleagues other Depts. on business performance new initiatives.< li>
      • Coordinating with others Depts TaherTree Customer Support Dept –Accounting Marketing team for handling new projects’ requirements and closing pending cases.< li>
      • Generating info about market trends in our industry understanding what other competitors are doing in the market.< li>
      • Conducting field visits on weekly basis and getting feedback about sales team performance in Field.< li>
      • Following Up calls appointments meetings that are scheduled with key accounts Distributor and service providers that have been scheduled by the business support team.< li>
      • Following up the new accounts and cooperating with different Departments until start working and activate the agreements.< li>
      • Following up all signed Sales distribution agreements within the assigned sales Area and asking for renewing them of terminating them when needed.< li>
      • Initiating changes to improve the business as well as plans leads Perfect Projects products services.< li>
      • Working on achieving the best coverage and distribution for our solutions services product at the targeted sales Zones Area.< li> < ul>

        Responsibilities toward Key accounts services providers issues < strong>< p>

        • Participating in Closing big deals and distribution agreements with key accounts according to TaherTree distribution agreements’ terms conditions< li>
        • Participating in Closing deals agreements with New merchants services providers according to TaherTree distribution agreements’ terms conditions< li>
        • Building Developing and maintaining strong relationships with key decision makers at existing accounts Distributors service providers .< li>
        • Cooperate with sales staff and getting continues feedback about the new products services at our portfolio.< li>
        • Cooperate with sales staff and getting continues requests about the most required products services at their s< li> < < span>
          Job Requirements Travel Frequency Up to 30 outdoor the office traveling within industrial Zones in Egypt Job Requirements Males only. Age below 40. Bachelor degree of any discipline. Experience from 3 5years at same position. Having a Previous solid experience preferably within the insurance tourism telecommunications internet industry or similar service industries selling intangible products . Having a Solid track record in analysis number crunching developing tracking tools Having a previous solid experience of sales Operations. Having a strong communication negotiation presentation skills. Having Knowledge of human resource management principles and practices Having Computer skills including knowledge of relevant software Very good command of English Arabic language. Flexible to work outdoor the office up to 30 of daily working hours. Adaptable to new cultures environments. Self directed self motivated. Task oriented. Keywords Sales Sales Skills Sales Target Management Operations Human Resources HR Tourism Telecommunication Internet Insurance


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