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Accounting Supervisor

Managing all Payments< strong>< p>

  • Revising monthly salary sheet new hires from HR including deductions and Bonuses requested< li>
  • Opening payroll accounts< li>
  • Managing the preparation and payments of social insurance and taxes amounts< li>
  • Managing the Issuance needed payments Budgets Salaries Loans taxes Insurances Procurement Inventory Assets. Etc..

    Accountant Management < strong>< p>

    • Review the bookkeeping and revising monthly receipts bank deposits and withdrawals slips< li>
    • Responsible for all bank e accounts and monitoring money transaction< li>
    • Managing the monthly payment of Social Insurances and Taxes< li>
    • Managing Safe Transaction< li>
    • Coaching and offering on job training to accountant

      Procurement and Storage Management < strong>< p>

      • Managing the needs of tools and equipment’s in office and School< li>
      • Making sure Price offers are present< li>
      • Supplying Storage and Office with needed Materials< li>
      • Managing office boy needed errands< li>
      • Handling Storage Inspections and Review< li>
      • Managing and leading the procurement committee< li> < ul> < li> < ul> < li> < ul>< span>
        Job Requirements Education University Bachelor’s degree in Accounting Major is a must and any financial diploma is a plus Specialized knowledge Previous experience in NGO is a must Skills Great knowledge in Accounting concepts organization skills attention to details numerical skills Coaching and Leading Supervising employees

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